Youtube SEO Hack : How To Rank Youtube Videos In 2019

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Hey, you are here because, you are struggling with Youtube videos ranking? And you are struggling with Youtube ranking because of your are not doing Youtube SEO perfectly.

Youtube SEO? Huh !! 🤔

What the heck is this?

Here, in this article I am going to explain you step-by-step about Youtube SEO and how to rank Youtube Videos?

But before that get a look on YouTube and why you should look after the Youtube Videos SEO?

It may be hard to believe, yet YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world besides Google, and the second most visited webpage on the Internet. This is the kind of free traffic you cannot ignore. By tackling the power of YouTube, you can expand your image’s visibility exponentially.

With 300 hours of video transferred every minute, making your content stand out from your YouTube competitors can be extreme. So, learning the systems for getting a YouTube video to rank well on YouTube is of great significance.

This is what to do while performing SEO on YouTube Videos. But before that have look on most important Youtube ranking factors.

YouTube Ranking Factors

I will uncover the most critical ranking factors that are important to improving your YouTube approach. When you’re done with this article, you’ll have a far more clear thought of what you have to do to make more noticeable progress with YouTube Videos Ranking.

1. Keywords

(a) Channel Keywords

An appropriately improved YouTube channel goes far in helping search engines to understand your content and accordingly, improvement can expand your ranking both within YouTube Search itself, and within search engines, for example, Google.

You need to go to about section of your Youtube Channel, as shown in image below:

The YouTube calculation puts a meaningful amount of importance on metadata and channel keywords (highlighted with green underline in above image), both are a unique part of YouTube Ranking Algorithm. They’re one or two para description of your channel that gives YouTube an initially thought of what your video content is about. They can be added from the driven settings of the Creator Studio within your YouTube dashboard.

You can use Google Keyword Planner to research keyword for your Youtube Channel.

Learn More : How To Use Google Keyword Planner For Keyword Research?

(b) Video Keywords : Choose In Autocomplete

The most useful video keywords are specific (long-tail) phrases that display up on YouTube. With this way, you can rank your videos in different places & get more traffic. Start creating a keyword into YouTube, and it will finish the phrase, or use the underline character _ to have it fill in the clear with more ideas. You can do this anywhere in words.

You need to enter your focus keyword in Youtube Search Bar & YouTube will suggest you long-tail keywords as shown in image below:

Choose Specific Phrases – targeting broad keywords would you be able to get more views. However, these keywords are considerably more competitive than specific catchwords. Regardless of whether you should target general or particular phrases depend on the keyword’s competition, video quality, and how well you advance your video.

(c) Keyword Competition : Become Familiar

MozBar Chrome Extension – Download and Install the extension on Google Chrome Browser. After that Google your keyword while searching YouTube, similar to this: site: your search term. On the off chance that top results have a higher PA (page authority), the keyword is more competitive. Broad keywords usually are more competitive and expect you to make a superior video, so select a specific phrase from YouTube Autocomplete and make an excellent video than the top results.

2. Video Title

On-page search engine optimization (SEO) is similarly as crucial for YouTube videos; as considered for blogs and other web content. Once more, metadata is a significant ranking variable for YouTube videos and that incorporates, obviously, your YouTube Video Title.

As you can see in image about, Youtube video title give an early introduction of your video to search engines, YouTube and end clients and a well-titled video will at last pull in more rush hour that improves your perspectives.

Shorter titles, for the most part, work best, as longer titles can be cut off upon the program, gadget or search engine that people are using, attempt to restrict video titles to five – seven words or less.

3. Video Description

Alongside your video title, the Youtube video description is one of the most famous YouTube ranking factors.

As YouTube and Google can’t remove data from your video, they need a content description to decide your video’s content. If you do eliminate one, and in this way give search engines no real way to find out what your video is about, your rankings could suffer.

So, writing a keyword rich and brief video description will help you to rank higher in ranking on Youtube.

4. Video Tags

Tags are one or two-word descriptions that offer YouTube further knowledge into your video’s subject and content. While they don’t affect on rankings as much as your video’s title or description, tags are as yet an essential part.

They can moreover assist people with finding their content. Tags are keywords – so consider the kinds of expressions people may utilize when searching for your video. For instance, if your video is about on-page SEO, at that point, you could use tags, for example, “ranking blog articles” or “on-page SEO.”

So, I’ve covered all major Youtube Ranking Factors those affect Youtube Ranking. Here ahead in this article I am going to explain you how to optimise Youtube videos to improve ranking further in Youtube Search Results.

How To Optimise Youtube Video

  • Use The Keyword In The File Name : Before transferring your video, mark the video record as your keyword. If you previously moved the video, there is no real way to change this (nonetheless, it’s just a small positioning variable).
  • Say Your Keyword : literally saying your keyword a couple of times matches keyword density for videos. Say it usually, don’t just say it to maintain it. Adding incomplete matches is also high.
  • Length Is Strength : this refers to both videos and material on your site. Longer videos rank high because individuals can discover all that they’re searching for, especially tutorials and reviews. Individuals will spend more time viewing your video, and you will most likely get more commitment.
  • HD Quality : you can use your Smartphone; however, a pleasant HD video camera makes a critical definition. In case you’re recording from your PC ensure you check the settings for ideal video + sound.
  • Get To The Point : alter out all unnecessary pauses and be short. I am super fussy about this and saw a significant difference in my video’s commitment.
  • Compose A Descriptive, Keyword-Rich Title : A decent title has two things: your keyword and an attractive point. Google regularly displays the first 50–60 characters, so attempt to stay inside that go. You don’t always need to use an accurate match of your keyword; however, every individual word should, at any rate, be present in the video title.
  • Compose a Long Description With Keywords, Timestamps, Links : Long descriptions are extraordinary for YouTube video SEO and give you a spot to include timestamps, useful links, and a general summary. Content is super essential for ranking any video.
  • Incorporate Keyword In The First Sentence – both YouTube & Google use the 1st 160 characters as the meta description, which appears in different search results. Specialty this sentence (or two) wisely since people will read this to decide if they will tap on your video. A standard guideline is to always use your keyword around 2-3 total times in your video description.
  • Timestamps – lets viewers hop to sections of the video so they can discover what they’re searching for, which also improves commitment with your video. This is especially useful for long videos.
  • Links – Google follows links or Backlinks to decide the importance of a video (similar to internal links on your website). Add a couple of supportive links to your different videos, blog articles, or providing resources.
  • Design A Nice Custom Thumbnail : Transfer a custom thumbnail in the video chief under Info and Settings (you should confirm your record first). Dimensions should be 1280(width) x 720(height) pixels. This will show up in search results and the “related searches” section on YouTube. Take a stab at composing something in big letters.

I’ve you got an idea about optimising Youtube Videos further with the help of above mentioned points and can perform better in Youtube Search Ranking.

As of now you’ve a clear and brief idea about how to perform Youtube SEO and how to rank Youtube videos. Even after performing on-page SEO you can also improve your Youtube Video Ranking, if you have a blog like WordPress Blog. If you don’t, you can learn here about How To Create A Blog?

You can embed your Youtube Video on your WordPress Blog or other blog to get better exposure. I am sharing few simple tips on getting exposure by embedding Youtube videos on your Blog.

Tips On Embedding Videos For Youtube SEO

  • Choice 1: Copy the YouTube link and paste it to your substance (WordPress will wrap up).
  • Choice 2: Go to the YouTube video you need to the implant, at that point reorder the insert code into your HTML. This strategy allows you to specify the video’s length and size.
  • Choice 3: Open a video when you click a connection using the WP Video Lightbox Plugin.


That is how you rank YouTube videos higher in both YouTube & Google!

Surely, if you are a Blogger or businessman, you can do it as well.

If you have questions, leave me a remark, and I’ll be happy to enable you to out.

Furthermore, the chances that you discovered this supportive, please give it a share. 👍

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